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More Mold
Uploaded: 18 October, 2015
Description: A photo gallery of the fifth graders and the life forms they cultivated in Petri dishes...
Morse Hill 15
Uploaded: 09 October, 2015
Description: Our field trip to practice orientation:  we learned how to use compasses, build...
Is it alive???
Uploaded: 25 September, 2014
Description: On Thursday we explored the six life processes by comparing two similar dry, tan, grainy...
Electric Light Show
Uploaded: 22 May, 2015
Description: We have been working with simple circuits in science and found a fun way to share the...
Trout Stock Out
Uploaded: 12 June, 2015
Description: We successfully stocked out 33 brook trout today in the Sawmill River! While there we got...
Egg Shell Strength Experiment
Uploaded: 10 December, 2014
by: Guest
Description: How many textbooks will they hold?!?  Students designed their own egg shell support...
Uploaded: 12 December, 2014
Description: How well does fat insulate?  How do animals adapt to the extreme cold?
House out of Straw
Uploaded: 30 January, 2015
Description: Not the story of the first Little Pig. The engineering challenge was to build as tall a...
Mae Tuck on Trial!
Uploaded: 30 January, 2015
Description: In honor of the 40th anniversary of the publication of Tuck Everlasting, we held a mock...
Scientists Inquire and Investigate
Uploaded: 21 September, 2016
by: bill.stewart
Description: Our initial exploration of life science...