December 18, 2015 (1) 

DECEMBER 18, 2015 

Wednesday, December 23-
            CRAZY SOCK DAY!
Thursday, December 24-Friday , January 1
            Holiday Recess- NO SCHOOL
January 4, 2015
            Back to School- Happy New Year!
            School Committee Meeting- 6:00pm 


Ending the Year with a Smile!

 During our Volunteer Day in October, while everyone was beavering away, helping to beautify the school grounds, I was looking around to see what other projects we might undertake. I couldn’t help but notice the big gray playground backboard, which seemed so drab in comparison to everything else on that lovely sunny fall day. 

I asked art teacher Susan Boss if she thought that kids would be interested in painting the backboard. She responded that she thought it would be a great project, and presented the idea to a couple of classes. The fifth graders picked right up on it, and the terrific colorful backboard that now greets everyone, is their work. They came up with the design and, under Susan’s guidance, did all of the painting. Kudos to Yahsiel Devi-Delomba, for the emoji idea! Even after her official retirement, Susan came back to apply some coats of sealant to protect the board from the weather.

Last week, Susan and Bill Stewart accompanied the fifth graders as they moved the large sheets of plywood out of the art room and mounted them over the existing gray backboard. The response has been one of tremendous delight.

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who has helped LES throughout 2015. Though we are a little school, the list of people who contribute time and talent is long. I feel fortunate to be in a place where I observe phenomenal teaching every day, where kids still like to dig in the soil and to climb trees, a place where parents are nurturing children to be independent and resourceful, and where rising water dampens the walls, but not our spirit.

Thank you for everything each of you does. And, thank you, Grade Five, for bringing our year to an end with a smile!

Enjoy the vacation!!

                                                - Margot Lacey




Calling in an Absent Child

It is important that parents/caregivers call the school office if a child is going to be absent or late. Safety protocols require that we call home if a child is absent and we haven’t been notified. Classroom teachers may not get an email until after the school day has started, so they should not be relied on to get the information to Karen or Jill, our school nurses, before the absence calls begin. Kate types up and distributes the Morning Notes, which includes the absence list, to teachers within a half hour or so of the opening of school, so information is also disseminated to teachers that way. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated!

                                                            -Margot Lacey


Given the balmy weather we've been having, it is hard to believe that snow will ever come this winter, but we are preparing!  We use the Blackboard Connect calling system to inform families of weather-related closings and delays.  Ms. Lacey used this system last week to invite everyone to the early morning regionalization forum. Did you get the message?  If not, or if you would like to add or change phone numbers or receive text messages, please let Kate know: [email protected]


As you may know, our younger students (grades PK-1) traditionally collect hats and mittens this time of year for the Franklin County Survival Center.  There is a mitten tree in the hallway outside the preschool and kindergarten classrooms.  This year grades 2-6 are also collecting socks!  There is a donation box in the lobby.  Bring an extra pair on Crazy Sock Day!

One Person’s Trash is a Kindergartener’s Treasure!

Kindergarten is in need of a few everyday items we would like to repurpose for some upcoming science projects!  We are interested in collecting plastic individual size soda bottles (or bottles of a similar shape), small funnels, ping pong balls, and scrap fabric ribbon. If you have any of these items we would be happy to put them to good use! Thank you for your help!   

                                                            -Amanda King


Winter Clothing for Kids

Now that colder weather has arrived, please send your child/children to school dressed warmly for outdoor recess. This includes wearing socks, closed-toe shoes, and a heavier jacket. 

If your family is having financial difficulty keeping up with the clothing needs of growing children, the Kimball Trust Fund is available to help you buy basic winter clothing for your children.  The Fund was established in 1909 by Catherine Kimball to help purchase warm clothing for low-income Leverett families with children under the age of 18. Please contact Nurse Jill at 548-9144 ext. 3 to apply for financial assistance through the Kimball Trust to purchase winter clothing and boots for school aged Leverett children. 


Free and Reduced Price Meals at Leverett Elementary School

LES participates in the Federal School Breakfast and Lunch Program. Children in households where members receive SNAP or TANF benefits are directly certified for free meals and will be notified by the school.  Other households may request an application at any time. Please see Kate Rice in the LES main office or call (413)548-9144.



(Items listed here are not school sponsored)


The Curious Giraffe is on the move!  Dorothy Cresswell and the Curious Giraffe will be singing and telling stories at the Amherst Winter Farmer's Market this Saturday from 10 AM to 12 Noon.  You will find us in the Amherst Middle School Cafeteria.  We may toss in some songs of hope and light and encouragement during this darkest time of the year.  Today it is wet and rainy and chilly, but inside it will be dry and "sunny" and warm.  Hope to see some friends there!


4th and 5th Grade Snowsports Passport

Ski NH welcomes 4th and 5th graders from New Hampshire and beyond to participate in its Snowsports Passport Program this winter.  Passports are $35.  Students will receive one lift ticket or trail pass to each of Ski NH’s alpine and cross country member ski areas.  What’s more, each ski area also includes one additional offer, such as discounts on rentals or lift tickets for family members.  For more information, visit


 I'm looking for a young person who could help with shoveling this winter - I have a plow service but, due to a neck injury, will likely need some help shoveling out my car, walkway, and mailbox - location is Long Plain Road between Montague Road and Long Hill Road.  If you like being outside in the winter and want to earn some cash, this could be the job for you!  Please call Lisa at 548-9691 if interested.


Free Guinea Pig + supplies (cage, house, water bottle, food dispenser, etc....).  He's about 3 years old, healthy. Needs a new family who can offer him more time and attention.  His current family is distracted by a new, crazy dog. If interested call Sarah (413) 540-3839




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