June 17, 2016 (2) 

June 17, 2016

Monday, June 20
            6th Grade Farewell- 1:30pm
Tuesday, June 21
            Jump-Up day
            Last Day of School- 10:50 dismissal
See you August 31!




Lost & Found… but still unclaimed!

We have collected many, many nice jackets, sweatshirts, shorts, lunch bags, water bottles and more in our lost and found.  They have been on display in the cafeteria.  Molly and Mr. Trowell even presented each item to the students during lunch!  And still more than 75 items remain unclaimed.  Parents are encouraged to stop by the school next week to look for items you might not even know are missing!  The lost and found is located in the Parent Room.





I have written several times recently about the challenges and joys that come with the end of the school year. Last night, I finally came up with what I felt would be a suitable way to address our sixth graders at the Sixth Grade Farewell. So, I can cross one more challenge off of my own list, but there are still a few to go!


Field Day is the true marker that it is the end of the year. We had a fun-filled morning of tie-dying, face painting, dancing, croquet, Ultimate Frisbee, etc., etc., etc. The choices were many!!


Thank you to all the staff who, in the midst of repairing report cards, took the time to plan these many different activities, and to Molly and Tab for making us a nice outdoor lunch.


This morning, the preschoolers bid farewell to Ruth Love, Ms. Carol, and Ms. Sherri, after the children sang their hearts out at their end of year celebration. Classes are closing down the year with special projects. As I write, the fifth graders are off stocking the Mill River with trout that they have been raising. As usual, the Sixth Grade Farewell is cloaked in secrecy. Almost no one is privy to any of the details, and we most definitely are not allowed in the gym during the rehearsals! It is an afternoon that we all anticipate very eagerly.


The sixth graders’ transition begins in earnest when they take the stage for the farewell on Monday.  But we have other transitions that are happening, and we celebrate those people too, and the contributions that they have made to the LES community.


A few children will be moving, and their classmates are finding different ways to wish them well and to help them remember their days at LES. And there are some staff transitions, as well, that we want to make sure we recognize in these final days of school.


Some of you may have seen Angela Regan here recently. While she has been completing her Master’s Degree this past year, she has occasionally come in to substitute. Recently, Ms. Regan has come for staff meetings in preparation for next year, when she will resume her post as the Second Grade teacher. We want to thank Lisa Kuerzel for all she has done to hold down the fort in second grade while Ms. Regan has been away.


Another transition is in the Nurse’s Office. Nurse Jill Roberts has decided to retire. We are fortunate that our part-time nurse, Karyn Briand, is poised to take over the nursing duties full-time. Thank you for taking care of us, Nurse Jill, and welcome aboard, Nurse Karyn!


And, our sixth graders have been fortunate to have had a smooth transition when Ms. Bull went on maternity leave in late winter. Julie Erickson has worked incredibly hard to help them have a productive last few months here at LES and to get ready for their final Farewell. Next fall, Julie will become a classroom teacher at Guilford Central School. We wish her well in her new endeavor! The search for the long-term sixth grade substitute is still in process, and we will be sure to inform grade six parents as soon as an appointment is complete.



A Tribute to Nurse Jill

You never knew what would come through the door

It could have been wheezing or a big red sore

Here comes a student who has hit his head

He tripped and fell is what he said

What did you see as you applied the ice

You saw some big, moving lice

A cut on the hand, a headache or two

You just hoped no one came in turning blue

A tooth fell out, someone’s throat is sore

She shut her finger in the door

His lips are chapped, her belly's grumbly

They didn't eat breakfast, they are really hungry

You were happy to be here to care for all

If someone needed something they could always just call.

You will be missed by all of us at LES!




School Lunch Accounts

Please make sure your children's school lunch accounts are paid in full by the last day of school. I have been emailing families who owe money, but if you are unsure of your account status please send me a quick email to check ([email protected]). Any funds left in accounts at the end of the year roll over to next year or can be transferred to a younger sibling.  

            - Molly







(Items listed here are not school sponsored)


Still looking for the right camp for this summer?

Try Khalsa Camp

Swimming, Horseback riding, Yoga, Games, lots of Outdoors, Dancing, Acting and more!

Spaces still available for July 18 - Aug. 12

For our Cooperative Trust Building session ages 5 -10 

and Expressive Arts session ages 8 -13

See our web site at KhalsaCamp.net for more details



Educational Resources For Sale

K-5 workbooks, manipulative, games, early reader books etc. Previously used for home education. Bundles are posted for sale under books on Western MA Craigslist if you’d like to see some of what I have. Please contact Heather 413-367-2828;  [email protected] if you’re interested. Thanks!




Wild Coyotes After School Program

2016-17 Now Registering

Wednesdays, 1-5pm meeting @ LES
A supportive container for kids to grow, play and deepen their connection to nature. Kids are encouraged to follow their interests and explore the natural world through all their senses. Combining outdoor skills, unstructured free play and a long-term mentoring model, Wild Coyotes offers your kids a safe place to be themselves and develop a deeper connection with the natural world.

For more details, visit us online:  http://www.wolftreema.com/wildcoyotes/




The Hartsbrook School’s Farm Camp offers children the chance to connect with nature through the life of a working farm.  Through meaningful work, Young Stewards (ages 6-12) learn about the farm animals and their care.  They enjoy the land-based crafts of farm and garden, such as butter/cheese making, wool dyeing, felting, and paper making.  The Spouts (ages 4-6) have their own teacher and activities, like grinding grain, making flower chains, and visiting the animals.  All campers sing songs, listen to stories and play water games.  Enjoy some fresh air, purposeful work and the fun of working with fellow campers.  8:45 am to 3 pm, M-F.  One week sessions from June 20 through July 15.  Registration at harstbrook.org.  Questions?  Call 413-586-1908 x116





Lot 80 Rattlesnake Gutter Rd; MLS#72009846

Discover the perfect blend of rural living, close proximity to Amherst, and fiber optic connectivity to the rest of the world right here in Leverett! On a quiet road ending in conservation land, build your dreams on this lovely sunny parcel. Wildlife abounds on this ready to build site. The septic plan is approved and the well has been installed! This highly customizable home can be adapted to suit any living arrangement and can be modified to achieve net zero performance. Various package options are available.

Contact Heather Hutchinson for more information

[email protected]; 413-695- 2954





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