Your Child's Speech and Language Development
I am often asked, "Is my child's speech and language on the right track of development compared to other children of his/her age?"  The answer is not an easy one.  There is a wide range of development that is "within the norm".  At LES, we look at that development, along with motor and knowledge of concepts by using the DIAL-4 screening tool.  Each Fall, the Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and preschool/kindergarten classroom teachers, team together to administer the DIAL-4.  Results are looked at and compared to national norms.  If there are any concerns, parents are contacted and a plan put into place for extra support where it is needed.  Certainly if there are any questions or concerns at any time, I can be contacted to talk about them. 

The American Speech Language and Hearing Association (, of which I am a member, is not only a resource for SLPs and Audiologists but can also be for the general public.  It has numerous articles and a plethora of information on many related topics.  I would highly suggest using their website.  

Relevant to the topic of Communication Development, I have added a particular article below, that may be of interest.  It relates the speech and language skills that are expected among age groups and suggests activities that can help promote those skills.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Your Child's Communication Development