Homework Information


Students will have about 60-70 minutes of homework every night Monday – Thursday and all students are encouraged to read and write 7 days a week.  There will not be homework assigned on weekends, with the possible exception of long-term projects.

All students have a homework assignment book/planner where they write down their homework assignments daily.  Please encourage your student to use this planner as a tool to organize his/her assignments and check in with them regularly.

Every Night:
* Read 30 minutes and fill out reading log (or work on Book Contract; finish book group assignment if not finished in class)
Monday Night:
In addition to the above:
*Spelling Word Sort OR Vocabulary Poster Assignment

Tuesday Night:
In addition to the above:
* Spelling Rainbow Lettering OR Wordly Wise Vocab Exercises C and D

Wednesday Night:
In addition to the above:
*Spelling Blind Word Sort OR Wordly Wise Vocab Exercise E

Thursday Night:
In addition to the above:
*Spelling Pre-test OR Study for Vocabulary test and all exercises due FRI.

Book Contracts: Students are expected to read for 30 minutes each night.  For this independent reading students will read a book of their choice.  Each month, students will be asked to complete a book contract.  The projects will take many forms and there will be room for student creativity and choice.  

Examples of past book contracts include the following:
* Design a book jacket and participate in a promotional book fair
* Build a suitcase for your character including important motifs from the book
* Participate in a talk show as a character from one of your books
* Design an art project inspired by your book for installation in the school library
* Create a video advertisement and promotional cereal box for your book