About Homework
About Homework in Fourth Grade:
Fourth graders receive homework most weeknights from Monday through Thursday. The purpose of homework is to review skills and concepts that have already been taught at school. 

A typical night of homework often includes:
- A sheet of review and practice activities from Everyday Math
- A Spelling activity to review words assigned that week
- Reading a “just right” book for 20-30 minutes and completing a brief written response.

At times, long-term projects at school involve homework as well.

Homework is differentiated to meet the specific learning needs of individual students. When a student makes an effort to complete homework and it is challenging to the point of frustration, please have them stop. An adult at home can make a note of how long they worked on it. This helps teachers know that additional review and practice will be needed at school the next day. 

Students are expected to check in their homework with a teacher when they arrive at school each morning.