Fluoride Mouthrinse Program
Leverett Elementary School offers the Fluoride Mouthrinse Program for students in grades one through six. This is a voluntary and free program funded by the Department of Public Health. The Food and Drug administration has approved the 0.2% weekly sodium fluoride mouth rinse as a safe and effective means of preventing tooth decay. This simple method of applying fluoride has been demonstrated to reduce tooth decay 20% - 40%. Under supervision, participating students rinse their mouths in school with fluoride solution for one minute each week. The solution is not swallowed. In order for the fluoride to take effect the child does not have any food or liquid for 30 minutes after the rinse. Snacks are timed appropriately by the classroom teacher. There are no known side effects associated with this procedure.
This program helps improve the dental health of your child, although it will not take the place of regular dental checkups and proper tooth care at home. Fluoride is not a substitute of any other fluoride your child may be getting, either by fluoridated water, from your dentist, or by prescription.
It is our intent to provide the fluoride mouth rinse weekly for most of the school year. However, because of unforeseen schedules (field trips, assemblies, absenteeism, etc) your child may receive it less.
Permission forms for the Fluoride Mouthrinse Program are sent home each year. Your child may participate in the program only if permission is given by a parent/guardian on the form.