Paying for School Meals

 Paying for School Meals

Each child has their own school meals account.  Please pay for school meals in advance. Accounts are debited after the child has received their meal.

How much does it cost?

Breakfast: $1.25 per day/ $0.30 reduced

Lunch: $3.00 per day/ $0.40 reduced

Milk, for home lunch or snack: $0.50 each Payments may be made weekly ($15.00), monthly ($60.00), or in a lump sum for the year ($540.00).

There are several ways to add money to accounts:
1.  Send a check or cash to school with your child.  Use the payment form in the back of the Friday Post.  If you send cash, please put it in a sealed envelope and write the amount on the outside.  Payments can also be handed directly to Molly or to Kate.  Make checks payable to LES. 

2.  Online payments can be made through the Town of Leverett website. Click on Online Payments, and then select School Lunch.  Please note that there are fees associated with this service, so be sure to read the fee schedule, particularly if using a credit card. 

Applications for Free and Reduced meals are available in the main office. Thank you for supporting our program! Timely payments are always deeply appreciated.