School Medication Procedures

                                  med bottle                               Asthma Inhaler

Any medication to be given during school hours must be delivered directly to the School Nurse by the parent/guardian or another responsible adult. The medication must be brought to school in the original, pharmacy labeled container. Non­prescription medications also need to be delivered in their original packaging. Only a thirty-day supply of medication will be accepted at any time.

The following forms must be on file in your child's health record before we begin to give any medicine at school:
*Medication Order Form: This form should be completed and signed by your child's provider. It must be renewed as needed and at the beginning of each school year. Your child’s provider may choose to complete their own medication order form, or may fill out the school’s form, which is available for download on this website or may be picked up in the school health office.
*Parent/Guardian Consent for Medication Administration at School: This form should be completed and signed by the parent/guardian. The form may be downloaded from this website or picked up from the school health office.

For short-term prescription medications that will be required for less than 10 days (eg antibiotics), a medication order form is not required. The medication still must be delivered in a pharmacy labeled container with the student’s name on it, and a parent/guardian consent form must be completed.

If your child is being followed by a doctor for asthma, seizures, or has a prescribed EpiPen for a life threatening allergy, an action plan must be completed by your child's provider and returned to the school nurse. Providers may choose to print their own plans, or to complete the school-provided plans, which may be downloaded from this website or obtained from the school health office.

Remember to pick up any medication on the last day of classes. Call the nurse’s office if this is not possible. Any medications remaining at school will be discarded unless other arrangements are made.

Thank you for your help.