Student Statement of Responsibilities Grades K-2
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LES Statement Of Student Responsibilities

K-2 Students of Leverett Elementary School will be given access to technology for educational purposes. All users must follow the established guidelines as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy - (IJNDB) in order to maintain the privilege of access to school technology and resources.

The following is a summary of the four guiding principles of the AUP:




I will use nice words and pictures

I will use my own work

I will be careful using school equipment

I will be kind to others on the computer


I will not share my password or use someone else’s account


I will create work that I am proud of

I will use technology for learning only


I will not share information about myself or others

I will tell a trusted adult if I see something that scares me or makes me sad

I will follow my teacher’s directions

Acceptable Use Form

Students will be given an account on the network and access to the Internet only if a parent or legal guardian signs and returns this form. Access to electronic resources will remain in effect until an updated form is signed in Grade 3 unless revoked due to violations of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Student Agreement:

My parent/guardian read and discussed these technology rules with me.

I understand and agree to follow the rules.   Circle your answer here → Yes 🙂

Students will be granted access upon agreement and parent/guardian consent.

Parent/Guardian Consent:

As the parent/guardian of this student, I have read and discussed with my child the Acceptable Use Policy. I understand that the computer facilities and the Internet are designed for educational purposes. I further understand that Leverett Elementary School has taken precautions to restrict access to inappropriate material and I will not hold them or their designees responsible for materials acquired on the network.  

⃞   Yes, I hereby give permission for my child to access the Internet and technology resources.

Student Name (Print): ______________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (Print): ______________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (Signature): __________________________________

Date: _______________________________