JFAB Tuitioned In Students Policy





Non-resident students who wish to enroll in the Leverett Elementary School must apply for such admission to the School Committee. The School Committee will receive, evaluate, and decide on each request on an individual basis. The School Committee may allow enrollment on a tuition basis for non-resident students taking into account such factors as the space and services available for additional students, the effect additional students would have on staffing rations, the reasons for the admission request, and all other relevant information about the applicant.

Regular education tuition will be based on the current year’s budgeted cost in the following areas: all administrative costs, all non-special education instructional costs, all pupil support services costs except pupil transportation and food service, all operations and maintenance costs, all costs for employee benefits. These costs will be divided by the October 1 enrollment to determine the tuition. Special education tuition will be subject to the discretion of the School Committee.

The School Committee may waive tuition in the event of compelling educational need. The Committee reserves the right to review the status of non-resident students taking into account attendance, tardiness, the child’s behavior, family cooperation, and the availability of space of regular and special education services.


ADOPTED:     6-1-82