JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities

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The Committee recognizes the need to conduct some fund-raising activities to supplement the regular school budgets. It is recommended that the proceeds from fund-raising activities be used for items/activities which will benefit the schools but not funded in the regular school budget. In addition to the main purpose of raising money, fund raising events are a means of increasing communication and fellowship among parents, faculty and students, as well as presenting a greater understanding of the schools.

Proposals to raise funds for charitable purposes or for the benefit of the school or community must be approved in advance by the Principal and/or designee.

For safety reasons and because the School Committee recognizes that community members receive requests for support from many worthy causes, door-to-door sales or solicitations involving elementary students of teachers representing school-sponsored activities require the approval of the school committee. 

No monetary fundraising collections of any kind may be held in the schools without the specific consent of the Superintendent.

SOURCE: MASC October 2016

CROSS REFS.:  JP, Student Gifts and Solicitations

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