JRA-R-3 Student Records



In order to provide students with appropriate instruction and educational services, it is necessary for the school district to maintain extensive and sometimes personal information about them and their families.  It is essential that pertinent information in these records be readily available to appropriate school personnel, be accessible to the student's parents or legal guardian and/or the student in accordance with law, yet be guarded as confidential information.

The Superintendent will provide for the proper administration of student records in keeping with state and federal requirements.  The transcript of each student will be retained for at least sixty (60) years after the student transfers, graduates or withdraws from the school district.  The temporary record of each student will be destroyed seven (7) years after the student transfers, graduates or withdraws from the school district.  Former students desiring information from their records may obtain it by requesting such information from the principal before the date of destruction.

The School Committee wishes to make clear that all individual student records of the school system are confidential.  This extends to giving out individual addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other contact information.

LEGAL REFS.:  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of

1.74, as amended, 20 U.S.C. §1232g et seq.

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Board of Education Student Record Regulations

603 C.M.R. 23:00 et seq.

Mass. Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education, Student Records; Questions, Answers and Guidelines (Revised 2005)

First Reading: 04-01-13

Second Reading, First Vote: 06-12-13

Final Vote: 07-24-13