ES School/Home Compact


As a member of the LES Administration, Staff, and Teachers, I pledge to:

As an LES student, I pledge to:

As a LES parent or guardian, I pledge to:

• Maintain a safe and consistent school climate for all students.

• Maintain clear  methods of communication for parents.

•Have high expectations for all students.

• Be aware of the individual needs of each child and partner with families to ensure success.

•Prepare and deliver important learning experiences every day.


• Take care of myself, my peers, and the school.

• Deliver important school papers to my family each day.

• Complete all school work with good effort and respect.

• Let my teacher and family know if I need help.

• Be prepared for school each day by getting my things ready the night before, leaving at home any items that may distract me from my work.

• Contact the teacher first when a concern arises.

• Read class newsletters, the Friday Post, and

• Establish routines that support my child’s learning.

• Partner with  my child and his/her teacher to ensure success at school.

• Send my child to school on time every day, unless my child is ill.


I understand that the pledges above lay the foundation for LES students’ success.  By signing below, I commit to upholding my part of this contract.

Teacher:  ___________________________________________________

Student:  ___________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian:  ___________________________________________